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Amazon VINE Voice

“…When Everyone Shines But You is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to “self-help” books. Instead of a list of steps that need to be taken, or exercises that need to be completed in order to successfully change your life, Kelly gently guides the reader through a journey that she herself has taken, which focuses on accepting yourself as you are, allowing all those so-called “negative” emotions to surface and teach you something (as opposed to trying to get rid of them), and finding your own natural purpose and rhythm in life. I found myself nodding my head and turning down page corners (for easy reference) throughout every single one of the 39 short and easy to read chapters, because there were so many points which just made so much sense. If you’re looking for a book which helps you stop chasing unreachable standards and shows you the way to find your own purpose and joy in life, then do give this one a go.…”

Ayrial King for Readers’ Favorite

When Everyone Shines But You by Kelly Martin is not just another self-help book lining the shelf, telling you to think positive or obey the laws of attraction to get anything you want. This book shows you how being human is not only okay, but also a good thing to be. Kelly Martin synthesizes years of reflection and deep soul searching into a multitude of small lessons any person can use to do some soul searching as well. This book is not for every person; this is more for those who have read other self-help books on self-esteem and faithfully followed the books to the letter with little or no success. Throughout the book, Martin explains why current self-help books do not help some who seek them out the most and shows you a different path – one a bit less traveled.

Calling all Type A personalities, those who have to plan every minute of their lives or their worlds would crumble before their very eyes, and those who feel they are not worthy of having the “good” or “perfect” lives they imagined themselves having. This book is the wake-up call you need to stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath. You do not need to be in such a big hurry to get to the finish line, nor should you be frozen at the starting line long after the marathon of life began. Martin wants you to look deep within yourself and fully understand that everything will be okay, so long as you don’t have such a death grip on trying to control every aspect of your world. Your world will still be your world – you’ll just be happier in it by the end of When Everyone Shines But You.

Amazon Reader

“…Well it took me 24hrs to read this book, I had to put it down eventually to go to bed but picked it up the next day and finished it, Inspiring, accomplished, motivating, caring, expressive, are just a few moving words to describe how I felt reading Everyone Shines Including You, a marvelous read, this book should be in every doctors surgery it should be prescribed instead of tranquilisers as the book is a pill that everyone should take.
Well done to the author for writing such inspiring words.
Thank you Kelly Martin.