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The dark and light carry the wisdom we seek!

Kelly Martin

My approach to writing, teaching, and supporting individuals in their journey towards self-improvement is direct and honest. I am a professional writer and blogger who strives to inspire and spread love amidst a world often shrouded in darkness. My writing covers a range of topics, including depression, anxiety, purpose, and mindfulness. With a unique perspective and passion for the written word, I aim to infuse a fresh energy into each piece. As an introverted and unconventional lifestyle blogger, I encourage readers to explore the often-overlooked aspects of life with kindness and empathy.

For almost two decades, I’ve been honing my writing skills. I took the leap and published my first book in 2014, and since then, I’ve been working hard on my blog, Kelly Martin Speaks. I also wrote a new book in 2016, and have contributed to numerous major blog sites, like Tiny Buddha.

I deviated from the writing path for some time due to life’s overwhelming stressors. The loss of my dear friend, with whom I had shared a home for 20 years, was particularly difficult. He was also the editor of my debut book, ‘When Everyone Shines But You.’

Over the past decade, I have undergone significant changes, to the extent that sometimes I struggle to recognise the person I have become. Consequently, the question of who I am has become increasingly significant. Fortunately, rediscovering my passion for writing has been an uplifting experience. I had forgotten how much I loved to write. It was the loss, grief, and intense depression I experienced that compelled me to write Book 1, and it is these same emotions that have inspired me to commence working on my third book. For me, writing serves as a therapeutic tool that enlightens me and provides me with the wisdom I often need to hear during times of crisis.

I hope my writing comforts you during your darkest times, and that my upcoming book in 2024 empowers you to move forward after a period of hiding in the dark.

My other contributions across the web

Currently, I reside in Gloucester, UK, and live alone. This marks the first time since my father’s passing in 2002 that I have lived independently. The experience of facing loneliness, isolation, and grief has been challenging, but it has led me to where I am today. I have emerged from the depths of despair, determined to re-engage with the world. The loss of two close friends, both to cancer, has transformed me significantly. The recent events have forced me to rediscover my identity without the support of my best friend, Michael. Despite the difficulties, I feel like a Phoenix that has risen from the ashes, ready to face life head-on.

My passions are

I’ve had my share of personal struggles: battling depression, facing crippling anxiety, and wrestling with low self-esteem. At one point, I had no idea what I was worth or what I had to offer. However, I’ve learned to navigate life in a more mindful and conscious way. Through my blog, KellyMartinSpeaks, my books, my podcast and my YouTube channel, I’m here to let you know that it’s okay to acknowledge the darker aspects of your life. In fact, I encourage you to do so, as it’s a powerful way to begin the journey towards self-discovery.

A Glimpse into My World: Life, Passions, and Experiences

At 47, I’m single, childless, and content to spend my time enjoying the beauty of nature, dancing, socialising with friends, writing, networking, and researching. Here are some highlights from my journey so far.

Peace Within Radio: A Beautiful Idea that Ended Too Soon

I founded Peace Within Radio, a global mental health and inspirational radio station that aimed to empower and uplift listeners. Although I successfully crowdfunded the station, I couldn’t sustain it alone. I had to make the difficult decision to shut it down. The station featured inspiring music and shows by psychiatrists, wellness experts, holistic therapists, and cancer support teachers, to name a few. You can check out our previous guests on my old Instagram here. Before that, I co-managed and hosted a station called Shining Bright Radio.

The End of a 24-Year Career in Holistic Therapy

For over two decades, I practiced holistic therapy. Recently, I decided to let go of this role, marking a significant turning point in my life.

A Rebel with a Cause: My Time with the Local Resistance Group

I joined a local resistance group that consisted of teachers, businessmen and women, nurses, and people from diverse backgrounds. Our views clashed with the mainstream media, and we were often ostracized from society. The experience was transformative and enlightening, as we fought for our beliefs despite the backlash. I hope that my background can inspire others to speak up, even if their views are unpopular. Freedom of speech is vital, and we should not silence or dismiss people just because we don’t agree with them.

Life can be awe-inspiring, yet simultaneously, we may encounter intense pain. However, if we are willing to embark on an introspective journey and confront our innermost struggles, we may ultimately reconcile with our authentic selves.

My writing, books, podcasts, and videos are aimed at inspiring self-compassion and wisdom to encourage you to continue on your path towards self-discovery. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey.

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